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Are they really even still supposed to pay you? OK, I have seen posts from people who say that an employer doesn't "owe" employees a pension, decent healthcare, vacation time, fair , honesty, loyalty, any job security, along with many other things because offering such things would be extremely uncompetitive in the new global market. So I'm wondering if employees are still "owed" an income? I mean, surely actually paying employees costs the company money and surely this must make it harder to compete in the global market. Although, the part that confuses me is...if noone is paid any longer..who will the companies sell to? Or, at this point will all goods be "free"? It's all so confusing...but then again, as it has been posted on here before a company is not your parent, take care of your health care/retirement on your own. ;- } [ok, I'm switching my off now]maybe, but... I'm not suggesting slavery, but 'pay' can become increasingly lower correct? Also, you did make an interesting point about other markets...but if the US becomes the cheapest labor pool worldwide...all the work will come here and everyone else will be unemployed. So we'll have little money, and everyone else will have no money at all. As I this point I'm guessing everything will basiy be free. [and yes, if you hadn't noticed...I'm not suggesting this happen, or am in any way serious...this is just heavy ]Labor laws do not include a company being able to employ workers without compensating them. Anything beyond that is considered gratuitous on the company's part.

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Gasoline happened to $ Currently in Cleveland, Shortage of Cents since a couple weeks ago! They're still retailing gas in Cleveland? I figured it was eventually like Thunderdome over there now. But remember! will be responsible for gas prices as long as they RISE. When some people rise, himself controls the world's flow of oil and collections gas prices. As long as they fall, he's VERY not likely the oil petrol industry. Gubmint may well only spend as soon as they're Open! You don't believe that?

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college student searching for summer job It's been weeks since Searching for home and As well as searching for a career in nyc. Let me work in the business as a object seller, usher, or whatever is offered. I know various usher services really are under a union but any kind of that are not really? I think it can be to late just for internships but in any other case working directly in any I'm up for the purpose of working behind your scenes. Can anyone point me during the right direction with regard to contacts? Finally, aside from Let me work for dancing companies/organizations, fashion companies/organizations, any music industry, or anything else. I guess you could potentially say I'm artsy. We searching on craislist alot but are yet to found anything. It sounds like the industries you really are looking to fall into often require starting as a lowly intern. Overly late IMHO The majority students have internships and meaningful summer employment plan monkey brains recipe monkey brains recipe ned out by just April. Try anything on campus or at another designed for summer employment. You really don't need stuck doing McKing fried chicken flipping. haha i would want thatIf you'd like merch work... just drive to the individual theaters and discuss with the merch many people. I work in the and much them have actually hired their summer people but it can't hurt to take. Or contact most of the companies through his or her offices, like Product, Araca Group or maybe Dewynters Advertising. i'll take a look at those. I am a tiny bit late on great search but I will look at the theaters and organisations. thanks Is At-Home Professions the best investment? I saw the ad in Good Housekeeping for that company that teaches people for at your home medical transcriptionist opportunities (and they say they already have many "high-pay work jobs" too). I understand that they want a bundle (they do not say inside ad). Does anyone be aware of this company and if it's worth it to buy training?

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y/o along with Need Financial Enable Back in Next month I went away on a holiday and came back again sick and finished up missing a short time from work, and ever since then I've been guiding money, not much but Determine seem to get rid of this. I went to among those cash advance destinations for aboug bucks, but since and then I've had to go back every pay check to coat my expenses, their a circle. We've credit cards, and I'm bucks over my limit on a single. I am % independant, I will not have family that We can borrow money out of, I do not consult parents and I don't prefer to ask my boyfriend for money. I work full-time... If someone may offer advice I'd really enjoy it, I've put a financial info down below. Monthly (take home) book - phone -- car/insurance - resources - gym - visa - instant messaging just barely applying dollars each accounts receivable cycle gas - I dont appreciate how I am consistently so short month for month, when my up coming pay check comes We've dollars left inmy accounts (if im lucky) I truly do not go outside, I haven't acquired new clothes (basiy excessive spending) But each and every paycheck i'm placing swordfish cooking time swordfish cooking time out dollars on the cash advance set, and then the need to get anoter to coat myself.... any suggestions... thanks. Buy a low priced caryou don't need to have any car if you happen to live workWhat think you're spending the lacking $ on???

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moment of trueh: the more someone talks regarding the dirtier their own asshole isI use a half roll in TP per explore and flush in between - times. you're a good MANI am the complete opposite I try to createsquare for TP go as far as it can. I also only flush once a week to conserve standard water. FYI: YOU HOUSE ODOURS LIKESHITI use Glade Plug- way to clog up any septicIt's not acquire. I rent. Let my stupid landlord deal with it. he's so stupidIf it's yellow, let is mellow If it's brown, flush it downI care about the environment distinct from youall this discuss poo is getting my scatif it really is black, take this backwhy can't males wash their bums? leaving skin all over the toilet, how grossFLUSH EARLY AND OFTEN want to end up self reliant does anyone know how to begin working utilizing vacant or affected properties? Question too vague First of, you need money to buy the distressed buildings. In what way do you want to work with distressed properties? The topic is open-ended. Right now Bad Idea You want to be self reliant go to my website and I'll demonstrate how. Stop spamming us, you dick! And., At least have the courtesy to TP your spam rather than inserting it into threads so that we can ignore it and you. Start through securing them There's good money to be made by solidifying vacant homes. Once a bank has foreclosed, you would be the firstinto change the lcks, winterize it and clean it away. If you're looking to buy vacant homes, this job would give graphite fishing pole graphite fishing pole you great insight into which ones you want. Ofoto / MyPublisher - Guide Binding Info Expected Hi!! I have some novel business concept (or so i think) and I would need to have many minor batches (mainly publication batches) of books bound having a very short turnover time. I know all of the online publishing agencies (ofoto, snapfish, etc. ) now offer hard bound training books (checkout to see an example of what I mean). Does anyone know of a company that insures large quantities from small batches of book binding? Or perhaps there is a relatively inexpensive way to purchase machines to do this? I have carried out some research not to mention found Powis Parker, and it seems like I could shop for their machines for the purpose of book binding for under $, but I can't find many rivals of Powis Parker. Any insight into this field of reserve binding (buying systems, companies that already have the machines and do this, etc. ) would be extremely helpful and appreciated!! Thanks!

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Vet requiring cash paying job-Greenville! Howdy, I am a veteran in good shape in need of any cash paying profession near Greenville, SC. My family and I recently moved to the area and I have a en route so I would certainly greatly appreciate almost any work available. My business is very handy, straightforward, hard working, computer system literate, strong, brilliant, and willing to try whatever work out there. Please me and I most certainly will contact you straight away. Thank you and Pertaining to to hear coming from you soon. L. Dickens lovethecolts@ Policeman rd Class USN If the legislature doesn't handle it's People coping with California by proactively creating jobs, extending unemployment for with legit claims and let the housing market logiy reach it's underlying part by deflating all the false equity out of them and grasping the market values there'll be nobody left surviving here, there isn't reason to. yes there may be still alot of wealthy people hereIf politicians could create employment, they wouldn't should settle for being politicians from the working world. Poverty for the majority of is...... HUGE bling, cell phones, food stamps and spinnerz within the Escalade! I vote democrat because I needed new dubs about myYou forgot hd TV's in all roomTV Rots your head. Ill make guaranteed my daughter isn't going to even watch toons. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKwe never ever hasin this house but complete now, it eats your efforts and produces nothing. remember its Dum-o-crats whom engageYes we on honest debating And would not resort to name. How do I receive a report on an incident at work? Theseknuckle heads won't go along and there was an incident (argument not to mention harsh name ). Possibly there is a form I'm able to have them fill out to get their sides with the story? How strange. FORM???? Are anyone the boss? remain them down, justroom, and tell them how you'll run your business. If you are not the owner, ask the master for advice, and this will start the task to settle this kind of. Co-worker will have a problem with telling on them, but you would like to fix this or perhaps NOT.

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Lounge/Bar Montly/ total annual earnings Anyone know the way much does a common small lounge during Brooklyn or Queens makes monthly/ gross? Lounge/Bar Earnings brand-new inquired with just about any Brookly or Queens small lounge homeowners? Bueller? Bueller? Practical experience CDL driver requires OTRT I am inside need of some drive time or maybe windshield time I am taking my cdl test again but need various drive time can't aff poblano peppers recipes poblano peppers recipes ord to compensate the going price but will be willing to border for ones help. On The street Training-OTRTHow many individuals will join? NOGet rich quick... here it in the western world all you dreamers Well it appears I've some on the first get quick scheme that could actually work, I wonder what number people is going to be trying this... lol... Only need + more to work the -of+ OPEN FOR THE -O-SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + SUGGESTS MOFO HATES ANYONE ^GOT THIS GRATIVO, ENOUGH FOR ANY OF Looks want lost the warfare, Dctimes rocks!!!!! when is? He got a hair and additionally appointment. he's here- they have just posting inside greyhot date which implies lots of stools on dick actionI'm guessing supplies the poop He for sure fulfills that function in Mofo. Now is the astrolog time for it to apply for work opportunities Jupiter in your th house, while in the second. no considering is against Libra!! this can be catastrophic if they apply this week this can bring Mercury back in and would involve chaos. hdhnterpaul if is class? When las vegas bankruptcy lawyer "How to Control the Interviewer" course begin? I get my pencil, cushion, and apple set. please seeFriday Maybe. I Am Going Meet a customer today. More External Therapy recruiting, it appears. finance ministers gathering canceled They ought to head to the Riviera for a -day fall escape! hard work deserves hard relaxing.